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TAKALAM Features

Choral Approach

Is a phenomenon where the person's stutter decreases or ceases completely when speaking with a group of others..

Multi-Voice Feature

TAKALAM is the only system that Allows this feature to increase the efficiency of the Choral approach, to create an actual choral environment for the stutters, more than one sound will return to him/her.

App & Device

TAKALAM is the first and the only device which is based on a mobile application.

Cheaper Price

TAKALAM Price is much cheaper than any other device on the market.

Using Anytime, Anywhere

TAKALAM device is portable, wearable, hidden and fully automated that you can use anywhere at any time.

Practice Mode

Takalam will be the only system that has this feature which is helping the stutters practicing and trying to enhance their speaking.

Full Community and support

Community support workers provide full support to customers.

Easy to use

Application and device are very easy to use, that is adapted to your needs in a simple way.


We’ve been selected out of 300 Startups to be incubated with 0 equity at TheTank Business Incubator by Umniah well Known Jordanian Telecom Company.
After winning The Spark competition, SIQ Incubator at University of Petra select us to be the first Startup to be incubated with 0 equity when they launch their Incubation program.
The first place winner at Spark competition that happened at the University of Petra, Competing 10 Ideas.
The second place winner out of 400 ideas and 3 stages at the Hakeem annual competition for computing the healthcare section.

Our Team

Abdallah AL-Faris

Business Development Specialist Email: A.alfaris@takalamtech.com
Business Development Specialist

Ghassan Sabatin

Hardware Team Leader Email: G.sabatin@takalamtech.com
Hardware Team Leader

Saif AL-Bashiti

Software Team Leader Email: S.albashiti@takalamtech.com
Software Team Leader

Adnan Haddad

Android Developer Email: A.haddad@takalamtech.com
Android Developer

Abdulkarim AL-Banna

Chief Technology Officer Email: A.banna@takalamtech.com
Chief Technology Officer

Mahmoud ADANA

Digital marketing specialist Email: m.Adana@TakalamTech.com
Digital marketing specialist

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